Simple Strategies To Get You 3 Extra
Transactions In The Next 60 Days

Join me for this 35-minute TeleClass where I'll reveal the marketing, promotion and positioning secrets of top producers. You'll learn...

  • How to completely eliminate your competition
  • How to generate a steady stream of motivated, qualified clients – any time you need them – regardless of market conditions
  • How to use direct response advertising to generate $15 for every single dollar you spend on advertising
  • The Magic Words that make you a Referral Magnet
  • Exactly what to do to stand out in a crowd of competition
  • What not to do (common mistakes that cost agents thousands of dollars a year)
  • The single most important question you can ask anybody, anytime, to generate new clients
  • The powerful Gift Of Time script that costs nothing, but works every time to insure customer loyalty and bring in new business

We only have room for 100 agents on this call, so choose the event you want to attend and get signed up NOW.

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