Register for the next Community Remodel Day – Friday, May 5th

It's time to register for the upcoming Community Remodel Day that takes place Friday, May 5th @ 9 AM PT/12 PM ET  

Please join me and CLICK HERE to register. During this Community Remodel Day, we'll cover the newly released Gardening Program – one of the 10 CBROC classes.

The Gardening Program is the most cost effective, high- impact step-by-step system to turning every listing and buyer into a second or third transaction. You’ll discover what it means to double and triple your Return on Listing (ROL) and your Return on Buyer (ROB). 

The purpose of the Gardening Program is for you to take advantage of your placement in the neighborhood, through a very methodical step-by-step plan and seek to find those who are thinking about selling their house because their neighbor did. We'll cover 13 tools that will lead to market domination!


**This is a Members Only training**

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