Mark Your Calendar – May 17th @ 9 am PT/12 pm ET


Please join me on Wed. May 17th @ 9 am for a special call with me and some of our current BroVance members. Each quarter I meet with the BroVance members and, in addition to mapping out the next 90 days, I usually share a special message or strategy with them that springboards them into the next quarter. This past meeting we did something a little different, and I'd love to share it with you! 

I asked some of my BroVance members to prepare and give a short presentation on something that has impacted their business or lives. 

Some of the topics included

- Automating interactive responses to prospect inquiries 

- Personal budgeting tools 

- Creating harmonious and supportive real estate partnerships 

- Achieving financial security 

- Growing your business by growing your tribe 

- How weekly dinners deepen relationships and can triple your business 

- Getting more listings with a turnkey turnover program 

- Creating the option to retire when you want to retire 

- How to help your clients win in a competitive environment 

I'm going to invite three of them to come on to a call and share their presentation with you. 

DATE: Wed. May 17th 
TIME: 9 am PT/12 pm ET


If you feel called into this advanced group and evolved conversation, definitely fill out an application. This is an invitation to work and play, in a proven structure, with fellow professionals (true peers) who share the same standards, goals and mindset.  

If you're wondering if you're ready for it or worry that you're not – let us help you figure that out. There is no charge or obligation to submit an application. The next step will be a chat with Meshell or myself to see if you're a good fit and if the timing is right.

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