Do You Procrastinate?


Please join me on Wed. Feb. 22nd @ 9 am for a special call with me and some of our current BroVance members. Some of the things we focus on in BroVance are productivity and accountability. If you procrastinate, then I want to share with you some ways to pulverize that behavior. You'll discover the inner conflicts that create delay gestation and avoidance. I'll show you how our most successful BroVance members use their schedule to get into action.


I'll also have some current BroVance members on the call and they'll share how their business and their personal lives have changed as a result of their BroVance journey. 

DATE: Wed. Feb. 22nd 
TIME: 9 am PT/12 pm ET

If you feel called into this advanced group and evolved conversation, definitely fill out an application. This is an invitation to work and play, in a proven structure, with fellow professionals (true peers) who share the same standards, goals and mindset.  

If you're wondering if you're ready for it or worry that you're not – let us help you figure that out. There is no charge or obligation to submit an application. The next step will be a chat with Meshell or myself to see if you're a good fit and if the timing is right.

The deadline to get in your application is MONDAY, MARCH 3rd - that's because our next meeting is Monday, April 24th in San Diego. 

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