Business Planning Mastery – New class starts April 26th


In this course you’ll discover your 20-Year Vision, 5-Year Intention, 3-Year Target, 1-Year Goal, 90-Day Priorities, Ideal Week, and your Daily To-Do’s. During this amazingly powerful program you’ll write your “One Page Plan". It’s the simplest way to think about the three key elements of a doable business plan. Accurately defining the goal for each unit of your business, clearly detailing who will do what in each unit, and the nonnegotiable rules that guide the organizations thinking and actions.  

Business Planning Mastery is one of the prerequisites that will lead to your Certified By Referral Only Consultant designation (CBROC). So it's important that you get signed up and continue this process.

CLICK HERE to register for the next class which starts on Wednesday April 26th @ 12:30 pm PT/3:30 pm ET. We'll meet twice a week for a total of 10 sessions. 

We're adding new classes on a regular basis, so be sure to check back and get registered if the current schedule doesn't work for you.

This is a MEMBERS only training



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