Becoming Referable – New class starts Monday, April 10th


The reason people are willing to recommend you, endorse you, advocate for you, and refer you is because they are familiar with you and they feel safe.

Safety is the result of who you are and how you communicate.

Communication consists of your words, your tone, and your intentions. 

That is why I created the Becoming Referable program. Before you can get a referral, you must be referable. Becoming Referable is one of the prerequisites that will lead to your Certified By Referral Only Consultant designation (CBROC). So it's important that you get signed up and start this process.

Click below to watch a short video and learn more about this course.



CLICK HERE to register for the next class which starts on Monday April 10th @ 10:30 am PT/1:30 pm ET. We'll meet twice a week for a total of 12 sessions. 

We're adding new classes on a regular basis, so be sure to check back and get registered if the current schedule doesn't work for you.

This is a MEMBERS only training



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2 Responses to " Becoming Referable – New class starts Monday, April 10th "

  1. Janna Whitehorne says:

    I did not get a reminder for this class and do not know how to log onto the class without it :(
    I was not able to attend last week. Can you tell me where to listen to the class?

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