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Member Breakthroughs

Initial Consultation

Jae Wu lives by the rule, “Only speak when what you are about to say will improve upon the silence.” Jae has developed an incredible skill of connecting with her clients at a deep, emotional level. As a mortgage consultant, Jae is in constant pursuit of making their dreams (their 5, 6, and 7) a reality. Jae’s mission is to touch and inspire others. Through her work as a mortgage consultant Jae has blessed the lives of countless families in the Los Angeles area. Jae’s committed to making the Initial Consultation the cornerstone of her business. Effectively delivering a strong Initial Consultation has helped Jae generate more than $258,000 in commissions in the last 12 months. Jae’s philosophy is that some people are paid per hour, while she gets compensated per word.... learn more

Magic Words

If you have had the privilege of spending time with Mandy Tanberg then you know first-hand how special she is, and what a blessing she is to our community. She has built a strong, healthy, and profitable referral-based business in the Woodland, California, area where she and her team of 10 real estate colleagues help consult, negotiate, and oversee the transactional details for their clients. Shortly after joining By Referral Only, Mandy made the decision to completely and fully embrace the By Referral Only dialogues (although she says her initial reaction was to run the other way because she did not want to come off as sounding scripted – something she discusses in her Member Breakthrough interview). Since that decision Mandy has remained 100 percent committed to learning and using these Magic Words to improve her business... learn more

Do Groups

By Referral Only member Rich Iacovetta was first introduced to the concept of Do Groups during the Member Reception at the March 2007 Main Event. Since then Rich has participated in more than five different Do Groups and says, “I love to be part of Do Groups. There are so many resources available to us, and I’ve found that partnering up with other like-minded members gives my business a huge boost.” One of the groups Rich participated in was focused on incorporating the FORD (Family, Occupation, Recreation, Dreams) concept into their Hour of Power calls and other communications with past clients. Prior to joining this Do Group, Rich says, “The truth is that I use to put off making these calls. I would come up with any excuse imaginable to keep from picking up the phone because I did not feel comfortable... learn more

Client Newsletters

David Presnell of Tampa, Florida, has been sending the Client Newsletter to his relationship base since 2005. David uses the By Referral Only 2-Minute Client newsletter and loves it. David shares that in the three-plus years that he has been sending the newsletter, “I have never received negative feedback on it. In fact, many of my clients have told me they look forward to it each month and read it cover to cover. I even have a client who is deployed to Afghanistan who has specifically requested that I mail my newsletter to his base camp so he doesn’t miss a copy.” David is a huge advocate of the Client Newsletter and for good reason. Since sending out his first Client Newsletter in 2005, this touchpoint has helped him generate an additional $157,681... learn more

30-Day Lead Blitz

Bill and LeAnn Thacker are mortgage professionals in the Vancouver, Washington, area and have been members of the By Referral Only Community. Like many of us in the community, Bill and LeAnn were focused on generating some additional NOW business.  During one of their regular coaching calls, they asked their Coach which lead-generation program she would recommend. Without hesitation, their Coach advised them to implement the 30-Day Lead Blitz.

Bill and LeAnn put their faith in their Coach and carved out some Remodel Time to review the 30-Day Lead Blitz program.  They watched the videos, previewed the Message Board, listened to the recordings, and ordered their Ugly Yellow Signs... learn more

DISC Assessment

By Referral Only member Terry Moerler has used her knowledge and understanding of human behavior to help build her business for more than 30 years. In fact, Terry says that one of the key elements of her success has been her commitment to continually studying various ways to better motivate, relate to, and connect with her clients...

In this Member Breakthrough Terry shares her key tips for using behavior assessment to grow a real estate and mortgage business.  What is so refreshing about Terry is that she speaks from experience, not theory.  Terry’s Initial Consultation has evolved using these very principles... learn more

How to Blog Yourself More Business!

By Referral Only member Cyndee Haydon has turned her blog into her main Before Unit strategy.  Cyndee has learned the secrets of blogging for results rather than blogging to be famous and unemployed.  She has over $6 million of production in her pipeline, all coming directly from her blogging techniques...

Chuck Charlton of Milton, Ontario, Canada, has managed to unlock the secret to creating a blog that not only informs and educates his audience but also results in new business. Chuck creates a specific blog to help promote and showcase each of his listings... learn more

How to Create a Niche Market With Reverse Mortgages

Doug Dixon is a successful mortgage consultant from San Jose, California.  Doug has found a new source of business by focusing on the growing senior market and becoming an expert in the field of reverse mortgages...

Ralph Thomas is a mortgage consultant from Crawfordville, Florida who has turned his focus to becoming a specialist for seniors seeking reverse mortgages...

Tane Cabe and his team at Security Reverse Mortgage are the perfect example of the power that can come from developing a clearly defined niche.  Tane initially resisted the urge to jump into reverse mortgages because he had misconceived notions about the product and its benefits... learn more

How To Use craigslist To Generate More Leads!

By Referral Only member Chris Hancock spent the last 12 months testing various Before Unit marketing strategies on craigslist. During this period, Chris created over 1,000 posts for craigslist and tracked his results.

Chris spends between two and three hours per week updating his postings, generating new ad campaigns, and following up with potential craigslist prospects. Chris's efforts have paid off in a big way by helping generate over 30 qualified leads... learn more

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